Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Watchmen Hero Nite Owl II To Be Next Superman? 80hat

Watchmen star Patrick Wilson, who played Nite Owl II in Zack Snyder’s adaptation of Alan Moore’s cult comic book series has thrown his name in the hat to be the next Superman.
Wilson revealed to MovieWeb that he would love to work with Snyder again but is worried that maybe he is too old to play the Man of Steel…
“When I heard he signed on I called one of my agents and said that I hadn’t talked to Zack or anything but that I just wanted to read it. I don’t even care if I’m right for anything, I just want to know what he’s doing.”
When asked would he be happy to follow Brandon Routh as Superman…
“Oh man, who knows? I love seeing all the Jon Hamm comments and Jon is like, ‘What? I’m over forty, this is ridiculous.’ So I don’t know. That is such a big thing, who knows? I remember when Watchmen came around I didn’t think I was really age appropriate or right for that but then when I jumped into it I was able to make it work. So who knows? I would be happy to do anything with Zack again.”
No thanks. There’s no way that Wilson lands the Superman gig. Didn’t Snyder say that his Superman script would be focusing on a younger Superman. At 37 years of age, Patrick Wilson is surely too old?

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