Friday, November 5, 2010

Comic Review: Superman: Earth One (DC Comics) 80hat

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OK, so with “reboots” I always get a little leery of picking them up. This new reboot of Superman was in fact a $20 dollar pack of cards. You didn’t know who or what you were going to get and most of all, if you were going to like it. Well I did. Big time. I’m a big Superman fan and as much as I would like to say I like Batman more I have to admit that Superman is my personal favorite, but it is close, ha-ha.

This is as I said, a total reboot of Superman. In almost every way. The book begins with his arrival into Metropolis. He starts to look for jobs, some in sports, others in science.  He winds up at the daily Planet and meets Perry, Lois and Jimmy. Perry is more like J. Jonah Jamison then the Perry White we are used to. Perry tells Clark to fill out a application and they get back to him. On the street Clark’s throws the application in the trash. He’s at conflict with himself over what he wants to be.
His origin, I like better in this book. Martha and Jonathan are hiking in the mountains when something comes crashing down out of the sky. They run to the crash site thinking that it was a plane or something but soon realize it was some kind of space craft. They hear a baby crying and Jonathan retrieves the baby before the ship blows. That night they listen to the radio to see if someone is reporting a plane down but there is no mention. When black helicopters start to arrive Jonathan doesn’t like the look of them and they leave. Now unlike today’s Superman, In this book he has powers from almost the start (his origin start since arriving on earth that is). Instead of his revealing that he is a person from another planet the Kent’s reveal this to Clark at an early age.
Clark decides to not reveal himself as his now passed away father had wanted. Rather he wanted to live a quiet life and not have to worry about the whole revealing himself to the world. Well that is short lived. An invasion of Aliens come to all parts of the earth, with the mother ship coming right to Metropolis. After and initial attack from the Aliens, their commander states that he is looking for someone and that these attacks are to provoke him to come out of hiding. Well it works. The creature reveals many things that tie into Superman’s Origin. Like the fact that it was his race that assassinated the Kryptonians instead of the planet simply being blown up. He said that someone visited them and gave them the tech to destroy their enemies the Kryptonians but they had to make sure every person on Krypton was killed.
They leave some very big holes in the story so either a sequel is coming or a monthly title. Either way I’m game. I liked the fact that Clark was only 20 years old in this and very unsure of himself. I tip my hat to DC and hope to see more from this Superman. $20 bucks is well worth it and I recommend any Superman fan or a fan of good comics to go and pick this one up while they can. I doubt that copies will sit long on shelves.

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